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Welcome to helag-electronic.

Founded in 1975, helag-electronic is a family-owned company that stands for quality and innovation in the automotive supplier industry. Nearly all of our customers are well-known car manufacturers and suppliers of their systems in Europe and Asia. Our structures enable us to provide customer-specific, tailor-made, highest quality solutions that meet the specifications of their brands. That is why our customers are satisfied - as we are too.

Our flexibility and our focus on the automotive industry makes us experts in our sector. Innovative solutions are the result of interdisciplinary and across the board know-how that place us at the very top of the industry. Global thinking puts the world market in our focus - whether it is supplying to our customers worldwide or in-country manufacturing with our local production partners.

The personal competence and technical creativity of our highly qualified employees and therefore of our company are reinforced by the experience and inspiration of the number one innovation region in Europe.

Thanks to our innovative products and processes, we increase the success of our customers. Our solutions make complete the automotive industry's products worldwide:

We make it complete.

Welcome to helag electronic