The Company

We are a medium-sized enterprise with short decision paths. Our motivated teams and talented engineers produce ingenious solutions. The best result for us is a reliable product and the satisfaction of our customers. Innovative products and technologies make our customers successful and make helag-electronic one of the market leaders in this sector.

We focus 100% on automotive products while continuing to think out of the box – because it is only maintaining an overall vision that enables an innovative climate. We are driven by new tasks and challenges. With a high design and manufacturing level within the company, the wide range of competence of our employees and our ability to respond quickly, we offer fast and solution-oriented implementation of tailor-made results.

We think ahead. We keep thinking further ahead. Our critical and constructive feedback during the whole development and production process brings about continuous improvement and the best results for our customers. Our target is the best possible quality for our products and in everything that we do.

Welcome to helag electronic