Quality & Environment management policy

Management policy at helag-electronic is geared towards achieving a win-win situation in terms of quality, environmental policy, social, ethical and energy aspects and with the best possible results for everybody involved: the customers, the company, our employees and our suppliers. This is achieved while adhering to legal obligations, local regulations and other commitments as well as our commitment to continuous improvement.

The win-win equilibrium

  • Our customers want innovative ideas, high quality products at competitive prices and comprehensive professional service to help them meet their challenges and solve their issues.
  • The company wants a profitable situation, sales growth and long-term stability at our Nagold location ensured by our employees' uncompromising commitment to quality.
  • Our employees, our most important asset, want secure jobs, good education and training prospects, fair remuneration and a motivating and positive working environment in order to realise the joint targets and strategies.
  • Our suppliers want fair prices for providing good quality goods and services to a satisfied customer by ensuring the highest flexibility, reliability, competence, fairness, respectful and cooperative business relations. We also expect our suppliers to commit to minimising environmental impact.
  • The data, information and know-how entrusted to us by our customers and business partners is extremely valuable and is protected by data protection laws.

We want to maintain this equilibrium over the long term using the management system structures we have in place for everybody involved to focus on quality (zero error strategy) and on-schedule/quantity reliability.
Clear rules and specifications for our communications and processes ensure the partners interact with each other reliably.

With our IATF 16949, ISO 14001 and ISO 50001 certificates, we want to document that we take our responsibilities very seriously. We give health and safety, environmental protection and energy efficiency the same emphasis as customer satisfaction, conserving the environment, sensible use of energy and the quality of our products and processes.

The highest level of management in the company as well as the lines managers and all employees are responsible for upholding the company's principles regarding anti-corruption, ethics, escalation policy and code of conduct for employees and the tasks and upkeep of the management system.